Missions Committee

The Mission’s Committee has been very busy… and so have you! We send you our heartfelt thanks for the gift of your active participation in all our special appeals… You’ve touched the lives of people that you will never know and they will never know you… but through your kindness and generous spirit, you have helped and brought smiles to the faces of many needy people!

We are so happy to tell you that we collected over 130……treats, etc. that were sent to the children in 2015. Thank you…. We plan to continue this mission in 2016.


In November, we handed out bags and asked you to return them with food items, and indeed you did. The committee was able to bring your very generous donations of much needed groceries to the Ridgewood Older Adults, who were most grateful!


Church members go weekly to help prepare delicious, healthy meals and to serve the food to local residents who are in need. Another favorite mission that we support is Anchor House in Brooklyn, a residential facility to rehabilitate those suffering from the problems of addiction. We also give financial support to local, national and international missions through funds raised at our fundraisers.


This wonderful mission, which reaches millions of children around the world, brings joy, hope and the message of Christ’s love to children living in the poorest conditions. We are so happy to tell you that we collected over 130 shoe boxes filled with school supplies, things to wear, toys and treats, etc… that are now on their way to the children… Thank you for caring & participating!


Over the course of the year, we have sent over 40 large boxes of needed items to the children, the elderly, and also the special Christmas gifts for our “adopted” family… Thank you so much!


Thank you so much for your recipes, the ads, the “Patron” gifts, and your interest and enthusiasm!